Ocimum Mozzarella

Mozzarella Basil

  • Large, dark green leaves
  • Excellent growth
  • Disease resistance
  • Exceptional flavor and stature
  • Many culinary uses

You will prize the huge, dark green leaves that thickly cover this easy to grow Basil. 'Mozzarella' has a very similar taste and look as the bedtteer known 'Genovese' but it has been bred to out perform 'Genovese' in the greenhouse stage of its life where Basil always has a tendency to fall prey to growing problems. Bred for excellent growth and disease resistance in these condions as well as exceptional flavor and stature, this selection is a true survivor that will be ready to make your meals come alive with its zesty flavor. Plant 'Mozerella' in full sun with well drained soil conditions, whether in the ground or in a container, and you will be sure to have plenty Basil for pesto, pasta or any other dreamy culinary use you can think up!

Foliage Color
Dark Green
Sara's Superb Herbs
Full Sun