Ocimum b. Spicy Globe

Spicy Globe Basil

  • Dense and small-leaved
  • Forms a tight growing sphere
  • Great for small spaces, pots, containers, or window boxes
  • Easy to grow
  • Fragrant
  • Great for Italian cooking, can be used fresh or dried

Here's a great basil that will be a welcomed addition to any garden or any recipe! 'Spicy Globe' is a dense, small leaved plant that forms a tight, dense growing sphere with an impenetrable thicket of small leaves and stems. Its form makes it perfect for grouping in a small space garden or growing in a pot, deck container, or window box. 'Spicy Globe' is easy to grow, can be used fresh or dried, and extremely pungent, making a welcome addition to pesto and Italian food of all types. Annual.