Thymus vul. Caborn Wine & Roses

Caborn Wine & Roses Thyme

  • Dark, fragrant leaves
  • Small pink and red flowers bloom in summer
  • Creeping form is great for rock gardens or mixed beds
  • Great for seasoning savory dishes

Caborn Wine & Roses Thyme is a ground hugging selection with dark, fragrant leaves that slowly spread. Small flowers bloom in summer and can nearly cover the foliage, creating a carpet of pink and red. Its creeping form will fill cracks in a rock garden or edge a mixed bed of other herbs or flowering plants. Thyme is a wonderful seasoning in most savory dishes. It is one of the fragrant herbs used in French cooking as well as many soups, stews and poultry dishes. A medicinal thyme tea is helpful for flatulence, headache, and painful menstruation. Snip the leaves and stems with scissors as needed, and dry them in shade with good ventilation (see Sara’s Sage Advice handbook for recipes and drying instructions).

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