Mentha x. Mojito

Mojito Mint

  • Easy to grow
  • Attractive, very aromatic foliage
  • Perfect for use in Mojitos!
  • Easy to dry or freeze for future use
  • Outstanding when used in cooking
  • Perfect for container or in the ground
  • Easy to grow

Originally from Cuba, this mint is reputed to be THE true mint that is best for that island's very famous drink. Very aromatic with sweet undertones, this mint makes a perfect match with lime for a memorable combined taste. Like all mints, 'Mojito' is very easy to grow in a wide variety of garden conditions. Its wide, spearmint green leaves are attractive and can be dried or frozen easily for future use. 'Mojito' is not a one trick pony...while outstanding used in the drink that bears its name, this mint works well in cooking especially with lamb and other meats.

Foliage Color
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