Thymus pseudolanuginosus

Wooly Thyme

  • Amazing texture
  • Great ground cover
  • Flat growth and spreading habit
  • Silvery-grey, woolly foliage
  • Strong, pleasant thyme scent
  • Easy to grow
  • Great containers
  • Versatile and has many uses

A textural masterpiece, wooly thyme is the perfect perennial landscape groundcover with its flat growth and spreading habit. Silvery-gray, wooly foliage is just so touchable and is a perfect plant for patio and stepping stone use. Stepping on its teeny, fuzzy foliage releases a strong, pleasant thyme scent that enlivens the garden with its aroma. Wooly thyme is easy to grow, loves full sun, grows well in containers and its foliage can be used for a variety of herbal uses from potpourris to aromatherapy.