Ocimum Red Rubin

Red Rubin Basil

  • Deep mahogany purple foliage
  • Many culinary uses
  • Violet-blue blooms

Alluring color matches alluring taste on this Basil that will be a welcomed addition to your garden if only because of its deep, dark mahogony purple foliage that will be a visual oasis in a sea of predominantly green garden plants. 'Red Rubin' is nearly exact in flavor to 'Genovese' and can be used for all the same mouth watering Pesto uses even though 'Red Rubin' Pesto will be far darker because of the foliage color. In the garden, 'Red Rubin' tends to be a bit looser in form and rather than white bloom, striking violet-blue blooms top each branch. For best eating purposes and flavor, harvest before flowering and for best garden growth, plant 'Red Rubin' in full sun in the ground well after danger of late frost has passed or in a container where its great foliage color will mesh perfectly even with flowering plants!

Foliage Color
Flower Color
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