Stevia rebaudiana


  • Sugary sweet leaves
  • Great addition for the herbal tea garden
  • Great both fresh and dried
  • Easy to care for
  • White, mum-like flowers late in the season

  • Category: Herbs
  • Hardiness Zone: 8-10
  • Height: 2-3 ft
  • Spread: 2-3 ft
  • Bloom Color: White Shades

The herb world is constantly abuzz about this plant with good reason. A small taste of a dried or fresh leaf reveals an incredible sweetness like sugar times two! The extract of this plant is used in Japan as an artificial sweetener in many foods and accounts for over 40% of that country's artificial sweetener market. At home, it can be used as your own non-caloric sweetener in many recipes and, the best part about Stevia is its easy care nature great garden look. Stevia loves full sun, good drainage, retains its sweetness when dried or in the hottest of weather and is at its sweetest late in the season just before it blooms with an impressive display of white, mum-like flowers. Annual.

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