Petroselinum c. Triple Curly

Triple Curly Parsley

  • Frilly and very curly foliage
  • Great on a windowsill or in the garden
  • Very useful fresh or dried
  • Great seasoning

A common herb with an uncommon twist ? frilly, super curly foliage that really enhances the attractiveness of this very useful plant. Easy to grow both indoors on a windowsill or out in any half- to full-sun garden spot, parsley is perfect for use as a seasoning in a wide range of foods both fresh or dried. Biennial.

Dried Flower/Foliage
Foliage Color
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Full Sun
Partial Sun
Additional Information about Petroselinum c. Triple Curly

Parsley should be planted in the garden, in outdoor containers, and indoors on a sunny windowsill. Water regularly as needed, more often if grown in containers.